Linux desktop arm64 image?



Where to find a good linux distribution for Rock960 ?

I would like an equivalent to
(full opengl acceleration, …)

Currently I tested your debian armhf but it is really slow compared to FriendlyDesktop on an similar RK3399 board …


Board based on the Rockchip RK3399 - ARM Cortex-A72 Dual-core up to 1.8GHz + Cortex A53 Quad-core up to 1.4GHz


Hi @allan_cornet,

I installed Ubuntu server image from:

Then I installed Xfce like:

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get install apt-utils
apt-get install dialog
apt-get install xfce4 slim

With this image, you may have to resize one of the partitions and then extend file system. Check these two posts:


There are just a few applications installed (really a minimum). This is pretty lightweight and fast.

I hope it helps


Hi there,
Here is my ARM64 build of Rock960 board, It should be helpful.
It is ARM64 build for debian stretch incl. LXDE desktop.


Thanks man, I’m using it right now.


U’r Welcome ! :slight_smile:
I strongly recommend to turn off WiFi power save mode for best performance, or use USB WiFi instead built in one - it is really unstable for all.
And some more helpful info: how I build it is here -


Hi @Raph_K,

Can you share the steps to compile your image ?



here as I written just before you asked,

how I build it is here -