Rock960 - Ubuntu server - Where are my 32GB?

Hi all,

After installing OS I have had some memory usage problems.

I just reinstalled the latest Ubuntu image from:

Then I did free -h to check my RAM usage… I see I have 4GB, which is fine.

Then I did df -h to check my memory usage… but I saw that I barely have 10GB, which is not fine. I expected to see about 32GB.


Then installed a Debian image and check memory again. Everything seems OK:


I am a bit confused :cold_sweat: :sweat_smile:

Any idea?

Thank you in advance


I think you can use resize2fs to expand the size of the filesystem::

resize2fs /dev/root
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Hi, Albert

Please check my reply in another post:

basically you need to use parted to resize the partition and extend the filesystem.

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Thank you very much!