DragonBoard Windows 10 IoT Core BSP(Board Support Package)

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first, I checked below link.

however, I did not understand where can I get BSP for Windows 10 IoT Core …

I want to use Win10 IoT Core and DragonBoard at someone not supported displays.
Do you know how to get BSP for Windows 10 IoT Core.

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Win 10 IoT is, from our point of view, a third party build but instructions on getting the builds can be found here: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/iot/Docs/GetStarted/dragonboard/GetStartedStep1.htm

However if you trying to track down the sources for the BSP I’m afraid you’re not likely to be successful. I don’t think these were published.

The BSP is available here: https://developer.qualcomm.com/hardware/dragonboard-410c/software

It does include source code for some ACPI stuff, and I’m assuming this is what is required to create your own drivers. @danielt is correct that the source for the entire BSP is not available.

Hi @danielt,

some days ago I’ve added a post because this board hasn’t full-hd resolution using WIndows 10 IoT Core, unlike the Android/Linux counterpart (!!!). If you download the latest BSP from Qualcomm (only a free registration needed) and open the FMList.txt under DB410c_BSP\prebuilt\8016\FMFiles you can find the node ‘SupportedResolutions’ with more resolutions than the 720p showed by the current image of IoT from MS. I’m new of this board and of the creation of a custom image, so I ask you if with a custom image based on that BSP’ you’ll have the resolutions showed in that file. Thanks in advance, my UWP app’s developing process is blocked due to this nonsensing issue. Andrea.

Hi @codepoint

Sorry. I don’t really have any answer for this. I’m afraid I’ve got absolutely no idea at all how the Win10 IoT graphic stack works.

Hi @codepoint

I have not done anything with Win10-IOT, but I was asked to point you to this document: https://developer.qualcomm.com/download/db410c/windows-10-iot-bsp-customization-guide.pdf After you have been through that let me know if it answers your questions.

Full Disclosure: I am an employee of Qualcomm Canada, any opinions I may have expressed in this or any other post may not reflect the opinions of my employer.

Thanks @ljking,

I’ve read that document some days ago. I need to understand how to build my custom image using that BSP and Windows ADK, so I need some amount of time to learn how to do it and do it. If the answer to my question was well known (yes or no), maybe I don’t waste my time in investigating IF that BSP IS the solution. I’ll try to build an image next days, I’ll inform you and this forum on results. Thanks again, Andrea.

Ideally the mentioned resolutions including FULL-HD (1920*1080) in FMList.txt should work, But it would be great if you could verify from your side also and develop your own application.
You can change the resolution at \prebuilt\8016\config\8016_arm_FFUConfig.xml and try to rebuild FFU images which is mentioned at https://developer.qualcomm.com/download/db410c/windows-10-iot-bsp-customization-guide.pdf

after some time spending in try to get an FFU image with the BSP provided by Qualcomm, the Windows ADK v.14393, the IoT core packages v.14393, I have my FFU image without errors but… when I try to flash it with the Qualcomm utility in the board, it says to me that the image is invalid… so I try to use an sd card and the IoT dashboard provided by MS but, again, the utility won’t flash in the sd too… can someone help me? Why everything with MS MUST be so difficult?

@codepoint, you will probably have to flash that .ffu to an SD card and flip the “SD BOOT” switch on the back of the DB410c.

That will probably work. Microsoft’s instructions unless you’ve deviated from them, create FFUs that are intended to be flashed to an SD card. If you’re not adding the /skipplatformcheck parameter to the end of the dism command, add that when flashing to an SD card.

Please report back with results on 1080p! I want to know if this is possible.

so they rolled out a new version of IOT. could someone with a dragonboard test it and report back?

Any news about 1080p output with a custom image?

A new BSP was released by Qualcomm, the changelog they provided says something with HDMI. I will try to build a FFU based on this latest BSP, based on the latest (not insider preview) IoT Core version.

Edit// Here in my last post are some more details 410c Windows 10 IoT - Screen Resolution - #30 by andy66