DragonBoard™ 410c Windows 10 BSP


I check the page https://www.96boards.org/products/ce/dragonboard410c/.
It seems there’s a plan to offer the support for Windows 10.

But I checked the download page, there’s no windows 10 bsp.

Do you have any schedule to release the windows 10 BSP?

DragonBoard Windows 10 IoT Core BSP(Board Support Package)

What a waste of a good board that would be…


From what I’ve read, they’re going to support Windows 10 Core. It was one of the reasons I purchased it.

Here is a link with a blurb about the DragonBoard

This one is a starting point for MS IoT



One month passed, Any updates for Windows 10 BSP on DB410c?


So, Microsoft and every other site is saying 96boards is the ONLY place we can get the IoT core BSP but I can’t find it anywhere.

I have IoT core BSP binaries but we need source to be able to properly support Windows IoT core.

What should we do?


I’m just going to keep posting. If nobody replies than it’s helpful for others to understand there is no support or future for this product.


Still no reply… I’ll continue posting so people browsing understand what this forum is like.


Still zero support/response on this forum.


@untitled86, maybe it’s time to bring the issue to Qualcomm directly and let them know the company they contracted for support of their product is non-responsive. Sets a bad precedence for them as well as 96 Boards.


Just out of curiosity, what is in Win10 that Win10 IoT Core doesn’t provide for you? I’d love to see a Win10 BSP as well, but Win 10 IoT works well, with the exception of a limited selection of monitors you can use with the DB. If you’re really desperate for a Win10 BSP, you might check with the folks at http://adeneo-embedded.com/, although, I think they primarily create BSPs for Windows Embedded, e.g. WEC7,WEC2013, etc. but I’m sure for a price, they’d give you what you want.


@EricO, @untitled86, @ccrump69, @cy_huang, @doitright,

Hello, and thank you for your patience. I will try my best to address the issues presented in this thread one at a time, and to my best ability.

  1. It is important to note, Linaro and 96Boards do not host any third party files (including Windows 10 IoT Core images). Links to third party websites with instructions and support for a variety of OS may be present in our documentation, and throughout our wiki, but not directly available on any of our websites.

  1. I would like to clarify, Windows 10 offers a wide range of operating systems which all fall under the Windows 10 umbrella:
  • Windows 10 Home
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Windows 10 Mobile
  • Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise
  • Windows 10 Educations … and finally
  • Windows 10 IoT Core

The DragonBoard 410c, as stated, runs Windows 10 IoT Core. As a member of the Windows 10 family, Windows 10 IoT Core can be used to develop applications which are capable of running across all OS under the umbrella.

Upon purchase of the DragonBoard 410c, current available OS are stated:

  1. Several resources are available to you as a DragonBoard 410c user. Instructions on how to download and flash your Windows 10 IoT Core can be found here:


From here you will set up your DragonBoard, download and set up your DragonBoard Update Tool, and finally flash the image onto your board.

These instructions have been run through time and time again, and proven to work.

All people involved from Microsoft and Qualcomm have done a very good job at making this process simple and pain free for their users.

  • Don’t forget the Qualcomm Developer Network is also a great resource for your DragonBoard 410c:

  • Finally, a quick Google search for DragonBoard 410c Windows 10 or DragonBoard 410c Windows 10 IoT Core will render you a wide variety of resources including announcements, blogs, videos and more.

It is our goal to make your DragonBoard 410c experience better. If I missed anything, if you are still having issues, or if you have any further questions, please post them here and we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.


You can also DM me here, or find me on IRC if you want to chat!

IRC: sdrobertw


@Robert Wolff, @EricO, @ccrump69

…There seems to be a lot of confusion about what the Windows IoT Core group wants from 96Boards.

We understand that there is a tool with a binary for Windows IoT Core. It’s buggy as hell. The logo actually flickers when you power the board up, and you can’t blame Microsoft for that since it’s not their code running at this point. This isn’t occasional, it happens to everyone. Check this video at 16 seconds…


That’s the most obvious bug, but not the only issue we need to fix.

QUALCOMM only has the binary for this Windows IoT Core image here…


What we need is the source/unpackaged files to build our own images. Everyone is pointing us to 96 Boards for this. It’s obvious this needs to be fixed or abandoned. I’m thrilled someone finally replied, but it’s really more of the same. Pointing me to Qualcomm who will then point me back to 96Boards.


The 410c can only do 30Hz at 1080p according to the spec, so my assumption was that the flicker I was seeing was due to the fact that my display can’t operate at that frequency. I was disappointed to see the system complete the boot in 720p.

As for problems, there are many.

No digital audio on the HDMI port. The Toradex Colibri T30 handles digital audio on the HDMI port, so this is a driver issue.

Horrid video playback performance, with lots of stuttering. Again the Toradex board handles the same videos smoothly.

Relatively poor DirectX performance. The drivers are clearly sub-optimal. When you compare against the Android side of the fence where video playback is super smooth, and performance is significantly better all around, its clear the Win 10 IoT effort was not given much love.

Non of the bigger apps I’ve moved over work throughout, with things crashing in different places. The same binaries work flawlessly on Windows 10 Mobile ARM devices. They also have fewer problems on the PI.

I’m not sure who is to blame here. Microsoft seems to be in a hurry to get vendors on board, but neither they nor the vendors in question are really putting in the time to make this stuff solid. Forget I said that. We’re not even close to usable. I wouldn’t trust my 410c to take care of my ant farm, let alone my house.

If this truly is meant for real business, it’s starting off real bad (using .14322).

I have no idea where to turn to.


The main issue I’ve had, attempting to load Win 10 IoT Core on the DB is, I can only run it, if it’s connected to my 48" HD TV. I tried three different monitors, all minimally supporting 1080P, ranging in size from 19" to 23". It only booted with the 23". The problem with that one was the v-hold or h-hold was going nuts, making it impossible to interact with the UI. Also, Robert Wolff reported “The logo actually flickers when you power the board up”, I see this as well and assumed it was trying to adjust to the correct resolution.


Hi @Noemata

I saw akira_t’s reply in another thread so I hope you found your way over to the “Windows 10 IoT MSDN Support Forum”. Its a good place to discuss Windows 10 IoT. You’ll be likely to attract more eyeballs on that site because there is a bigger community of Windows 10 IoT users hanging out there:



I find it really amazing we can’t get a simple answer to the original question.
Is the Windows 10 Core BSP source available or not? This is a simple yes or no answer.

I know about all the other resources you mentioned (that have nothing to do with the original question) and I can tell you to date there is no mention of the source for the BSP for the DragonBoard.
Is this and Open Source platform or not?


Win10 IoT is a third-party build and, as you can probably tell from the progress of this thread, very few members of this forum have any experience with it. For sure, Win10 BSP sources cannot be obtained from anything ending 96boards.org .

In general I’m afraid the level on Win10 IoT experience on the forum simply isn’t high enough for it to be a productive place to discuss Windows. There are occasional replies to technical questions but things look much more active on https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/home?forum=WindowsIoT .


I use Windows 10 IoT Core on the DB. Apart from working with only a very limited number of monitors, it works well. As for BSP source, I don’t believe that’s available anywhere, at least, I haven’t seen it.
However, MS has tools, which allow you to create custom builds. WICD - Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer is a GUI based tool but you need an MSDN subscription, in order to download a necessary Win 10 IoT build which WICD uses.


I believe the answer to the original question is Qualcomm developed the BSP but they are not making it public.
If you ask for the SDK on a Microsoft site like their MSDN IoT forum they will point you to the 96Boards forum. If you ask on the 96Boards forum you will be told to ask on the Microsoft forum. Everyone claim’s this open source crap but when it comes right down to it it’s a very closed system.
Qualcomm released a BSP build 2110 as seen in https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/7c3dd88a-b3f0-46c4-bbcd-f3ec21891380/new-flight-15007-released-for-insiders?forum=WindowsIoT but I guess only the folks at Microsoft are allowed to see it.


You can go to Microsoft windows IOT core page and you will get the rest of all.