Temperature sensors on kirin 970

Hello i would like to ask if somebody knows if there are cluster sensors on the chip?

you can try cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp

My board is under a 5V fan. It’s 43784 (43’C) while idle, 83’C while full load

Thanks for the reply, actually i don`t have the board yet. I wanted to use the temp measurements but i could not find any documentation about how many sensors are present in the chip and if they are accessible in Linux?

I have a fan next to the system.
Adding a fan on the heatsink would give best results.
I am looking for a way to attach the fan.

I use this RPI Fan with heat sink.
It has thermal tape and fits perfectly on top of the copper heat sink.
It also fits within the 1" height of the case.


From the downstream kernel, it looks like the thermal sensors on Hi3670 (Hikey970) is almost same as of hi3660 (Hikey960). The configuration is, 1x Little cluster, 1x Big cluster and 1x GPU. But the current configuration uses only tsensor1 (Big cluster sensor) for providing the temperature data for all 3. There was some work done in the upstream kernel for making use of multiple sensors but it was not finished yet!