Rock960 MIPI Adapter board pinmap question

I am considering using rock960 + AISTARVISION MIPI Adapter.
I am inquiring because there is a strange thing while checking the schematic.
The pinmap of J6 connector in MIPI Adapter board is as follows.
The MIPI2 CSI interface is connected to pins 42 through 56.
However, the pinmap of the rock960 schematic below shows that the MIPI2 CSI pins are connected to the MIPI DSI port of the RK3399.

Is the schematic wrong? Or am I mistaking something?


What you found is true. For ROCK960 model A and model B, only one 96board 4lanes CSI0 is exported and one 96boards 4lanes DSI0 is exported. So you can only connect one camera on ROCK960 model A and model B with 96boards standard adapter board.

For ROCK960 model C, one 4lanes CSI0 and one 2lanes CSI1 and one 4lanes DSI0 are exported. You can connect two cameras at the same time. We have tested with dual ov5645 with AISTARVISION MIPI Adapter. It should work with the latest kernel.

If you go with custom adapter. You can have dual mipi 4lanes input with model a&b, since for model a&b the DSI0 can also be configured as CSI. It’s a trade off to the specifications.

Thank you for your reply.
I don’t understand about “the DSI0 can also be configured as CSI.”.
the rk3399 datasheet describe MIPI_TX0 is working only for DSI.
How can I control ov5645 through DSI port?
We bought Rock960-MODEL-B and 96Boards MIPI Adapter(v2.0) with Dual OV5645.
Is there way to configure DSI0 to CSI? please let me know.

For RK3399, the MIPI channel MIPI_TX/RX_* is either IN or OUT and it’s connected to DSI0 on ROCK960 model A&B. You can configure it as MIPI INPUT ie CSI.

But, AISTARVISION MIPI Adapter v2.0 did not export DSI0, which means you can’t use dual ov5645. Please change to Model C4 if you want to use with AISTARVISION. Please contact your buying channel for a replacement. I am sorry for the incovenience it brings.

Update: AISTARVISION MIPI Adapter v2.1 will have DSI0 exported but it’s not available yet.

Dear Hipboi,
I like to asking where to buy model C?
Case of mine bought in VAMR web site, Or do you have recommended on line distributor ?

Regards, Raph.K.

Hi, Raph

Tom from Vamrs here.

Currently model C is available in Taobao and Vamrs Store. Seeed Studio is not in stock yet.

We will contact you for the replacement.

Dear @hipboi
Thank you !