Porting EDK II to sdm660 SoC

Hi all, sorry if I go to the wrong forum / section, but I did not find the right forum where there are enough people or where there is a section about sdm660 SoC. I wrote it here, half a year ago, but no one answered me all the time … Writing this topic, I did not know where else to turn. Since then, things have not progressed much, but new details are already there. ttps: //discuss.96boards.org/t/building-and-fixing-uefi-edk-2-for-qcom-soc-phone-with-android/8672


I don’t think I had seen the other message, since it was posted in a place I don’t monitor… If you are looking to engage with Linaro for services, please have a look at https://www.linaro.org/services/. If you are interested to discuss further, please fill in your contact details there, or you can contact me privately as well.