Building and fixing UEFI EDK 2 for Qcom SoC phone with android

Hi all, as you can see, this topic is not for DragonBoard, but for a phone with a similar SoC. We are looking for help for builds and fixes in the EDK 2 UEFI project for one device with android and SoC Qualcomm sdm660 (to installing Debian mainline kernel anytime upgrade)
We need people who know
1. Correct DTB (Device Blob Tree)
2. Some drivers sdhci (msm)
3. Some knowledge of C
We have already achieved the launch, there is already a working grub, linux kernel, only with kernel panic at the end of the booting.
If you are interested, I will give a link to join the telegram group in this topic.
If this is not for this forum - please direct me where I should write about it.