[Linux 17.09 rel] Not getting login prompt and full GUI environment in the rpb-weston-image and rpb-desktop-image on HDMI

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Hi @anon91830841,

I am evaluating the Linux 17.09 release.


I am able to boot the Dragonboard410c completely, but in the rpb-wayland RootFS, I am just getting a weston-terminal and date on the HDMI Display. While using the rpb RootFS, I am getting only the wallpaper, and nothing else.

Can you please do let me know if I am missing anything or is this a expected GUI (without any GUI-login screen) ?

I am getting login prompt on the Debug-UART though.

Awaiting your reply.



sorry about the delay.

With rpb distro and -desktop image, you should be expecting that Xorg is started with openbox. So basically it should be a black screen with a mouse cursor.

With rpb-wayland distro and -weston image you should expect the weston shell, which is what you are seeing

It is very basic default graphical environment. If you need/want more, you need to start customizing the images.

Okay sure @anon91830841.

Thanks for the information.