AOSP TV + HiKey960 - build steps

I’m trying to prepare AOSP TV for HiKey960. I already did sth like that:

  1. Using Reference Boards  |  Android Open Source Project → clean AOSP from master branch works fine
  2. I added to hikey/

$(call inherit-product, device/google/atv/products/

  1. From I downloaded “Launcher, Remote, TV” for “Nexus Player binaries for Android 8.0.0 (OPR2.170623.027)” and by using script I have now additional files in vendor directory

For now result is that I have working Android but with some normal Luncher (not LeanbackLuncher) and TvSetting doesn’t work. Did anyone try to run AOSP TV (Q) with some TV Luncher on HiKey960 ?

I’d like to have working AOSP TV with some tv dedicated Luncher + working TV Settings to be able change USB mode to be able see HiKey by ADB.


the 8.0 binaries are sadly too old now and do not work.

@ric96 I tried also checkout some older branch of AOSP … OPR2.170623.027 (like binaries for Launcher, Remote, TV → Android 8.0 ) but there was missing device HiKey960 configuration. Do you know which branch/branches should I use to be able use “Launcher, Remote, TV” binaries or how to manage configurations to be able run aosp tv on HiKey960 ?

A bit of patience while I polish it a bit more, based on master branch.

Hi @ric96,

Can you help to inform more details on how you configure above Android TV based on master branch of Linaro?

Thank you.

Ok, seems cool, but this luncher on screens doesn’t look like on tv, are you able disable navigation bar etc to make it looks like on tv? Are you able to create some step by step instuction basing on master, please ?

I was able to disable them, working on making the ui a bit larger.

He’s also trying to use FUGU binaries, which are x86. It will probably work a lot better once the ADT-2 binaries become available.

The support for aosp tv builds just got merged in master branch.