Hikey960 and Hikey Android TV Build Target Upstreamed


The AOSP master branch now contains two more targets

  • hikey_tv
  • hikey960_tv
    both result in an AOSP TV build for the respective devices

To build follow this guide: https://source.android.com/setup/build/devices
replace lunch hikey960-userdebug with lunch hikey960_tv-userdebug or lunch hikey-userdebug with lunch hikey_tv-userdebug

I will be writing a proper guide later this week.

Minor issues:

  • WiFi connection UI doesn’t have a “next” button.
    To be able to connect we have to use third-party apps
  • hikey boots to UI with kernel 4.4 or less

gerrit commit in case anyone is interested: https://android-review.googlesource.com/c/device/linaro/hikey/+/755308

AOSP TV + HiKey960 - build steps
How to build android TV O in hikey 960

Neat. I’ll have to pick up some hikey’s for this to replace my Nexus player and add a couple more. The 960 is definitely overkill for the purpose and far too expensive to justify.