Android ramdisk.img problem with master Q



I’m building Android master Q (downloaded it some days ago).
After building it and downloaded but it failed to boot.
I found there are many missing files in ramdisk.img. It seems no root file system included.
Please let me know how to solve this problem.

[ ramdisk.img built with Android master Q ]
dev init mnt proc sys

[ This is ramdisk.img from official Hikey970 Android image ]
acct etc init.usb.rc oem sepolicy
bugreports fstab.hikey970 init.zygote32.rc plat_file_contexts storage
cache init init.zygote64_32.rc plat_hwservice_contexts sys
charger init.environ.rc mnt plat_property_contexts system
config init.hikey970.power.rc nonplat_file_contexts plat_seapp_contexts ueventd.hikey970.rc
d init.hikey970.rc nonplat_hwservice_contexts plat_service_contexts ueventd.rc
data init.hikey970.usb.rc nonplat_property_contexts proc vendor
default.prop init.rc nonplat_seapp_contexts sbin vndservice_contexts
dev init.usb.configfs.rc nonplat_service_contexts sdcard


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