Is there somebody who succeeded to use built Android master Q image?


I’ve been trying to use Hikey970 with Android master Q. But it failed to use many reasons.
Building Android was OK. But after downloading images to my board, there were several problems.
Please let me know if somebody could use own built Android master Q image for Hikey970.
Or please let me know what exact android version I can use.

  1. ramdisk.img problem
    Kernel couldn’t find init from its ramdisk. I added root file system as well but it failed, too.
  2. adb problem
    I couldn’t use adb. But it doesn’t seem to related to kernel. When I used my build kernel + ramdisk got from official Hikey970 android image could boot. But adb couldn’t be recognized.
    When I used same boot.img as previous statement with original system.img, I could run adb properly.
  3. no screen problem
    I couldn’t see any Android logo while its booting. It failed to show screen.

Thanks in advance.


I’m building Android master Q (downloaded it some days ago).
After building it and downloaded but it failed to boot.
I found there are many missing files in ramdisk.img. It seems no root file system included.
Please let me know how to solve this problem.

[ ramdisk.img built with Android master Q ]
dev init mnt proc sys

[ This is ramdisk.img from official Hikey970 Android image ]
acct etc init.usb.rc oem sepolicy
bugreports fstab.hikey970 init.zygote32.rc plat_file_contexts storage
cache init init.zygote64_32.rc plat_hwservice_contexts sys
charger init.environ.rc mnt plat_property_contexts system
config init.hikey970.power.rc nonplat_file_contexts plat_seapp_contexts ueventd.hikey970.rc
d init.hikey970.rc nonplat_hwservice_contexts plat_service_contexts ueventd.rc
data init.hikey970.usb.rc nonplat_property_contexts proc vendor
default.prop init.rc nonplat_seapp_contexts sbin vndservice_contexts
dev init.usb.configfs.rc nonplat_service_contexts sdcard

Same problem here in 2019!
Hikey970 and AOSP we have now after P (and Q) just do not go together.
already thinking of switching board or to Linux (Pure) after seeing just how much in unsupported with this board.