Amazon Alexa Voice Control Service Setup on the DragonBoard 410c


@danielt and @jmjobin
as you have done work on audio mezzanine could you please tell me how to run its audio part as i am stuck in that step 2.10.6 (How to Setup Amazon Alexa Voice Control Service on the DragonBoard 410c).please tell me as soon as possible

hello sir please tell me the solution if you can please sir as i am not getting any good solution for this project is almost about to complete if this works :cry::sob: and please tell me the solution .



Sorry I used it only with Android and never connect to Alexa yet. Let Daniel to help you :slight_smile:


sir it is still not working please help.


Hello @danielt
as you said you dont have a microphone attatched to DB410C ,so can you please tell me earphone (they also have microphone in that) .will work or we have to buy microphone.


can you please tell me how it works for android using audio mezzanine for you i am using headphones and no sound i heard


Hello ren_snappy,
It is easy you just search for any radio internet app and listen to it.
Raise the level by pushing on the dragonboard level button and then regulate it with the mouse.

But just wonder, did you add (solder) the connector “ANALOG EXP” on the Dragonboard?


Hello @jmjobin
i used audio mezznine board along with header and when i used that for android based dragonboard it immediately heated up don’t know why ?


My question was: Did you solder the “ANALOG EXP” header?

There are are 3 headers on the Dragonboard and the also 3 on the Audio board.
Do you have them all on the Dragonboard?


Hello @jmjobin
I haven’t soldered but just fixed it temporarily ( can be removed the audio mezzanine when not in use) using audio mezzaniine board and 16-pin header on a dragonboard .


I do not understand? What do you mean you haven’t soldered it?
You mean you just apply it on the board?
You cannot just apply it, It has to be soldered.


I mean the header on both side need to be soldered, one female and other male. Then you can remove the audio board by pulling it out…
Am I clear enough ??? :smiley:


Sir i mean i have’nt soldered permanently but temporarily .just fixed it properly and the lights were also in on position. so it means it is working but my voice can’t be heard to the board i think that’s why no response from that side .can you please tell me whom to ask about this please as i don’t have much time for my project .and it is not working in the last step.


@ren_snappyI am so sorry I cannot understand what you mean.
I do not understand how you can solder temporarily.

Another point I do not think the audio board is working on the mic with Android, I never tried it and used it only for listening.

I think the forum is the right place to ask your question and maybe someone will help you better.

You could also joint the 96Boards OpenHours on on thursday and ask your question

You could then show us what you mean by “soldering temporarly”…


which forum @jmjobin sir as i have asked this in 96boards and other than this is there any other forum which i can take help from .
i have soldered even then the same problem ?



This forum… Some other people with other knowledge may help.

Well, having it non soldered and/or soldered half way may have bricked the board.
As I said the only way to test the board for as my knowledge is to listen to it.
To listen to it download some app that will play music and try it.

Other I won’t be competent to help more yet.


can you please send me the link how you soldered your board ?


There is no link about this… Pls read carefully what I already wrote:
The connector is “ANALOG EXP”

You can read it on the board, it is printed “ANALOG EXP” on the board. It is a 2x8 pins, 2mm pitch located between the power plug and the 40pins LowSpeed connector.
On the Dragonboard it must be male (and soldered). The board (at least some time ago) had no connector on it.
ALL the pins should be soldered.

If yours is not mounted with the connector you need to mount it and use a soldering iron and solder to solder it.