Zephyr SDK 0.9 does not include arm-poky-eabi-gcc, build fails at make


I cloned zephyr project, setup zephyr SDK 0.9, added linaro as a remote and fetched carbon branch, as instructed in the docs.

When I tried to make -C samples/shell BOARD=96b_carbon, it failed to make target. With little investigation, I found that it was looking for,


All combinations of keywords reach this page but couldn’t manage to get any information out it.

Hot Fix:

To get the setup to build, I had to download gcc-arm-none-eabi-6-2017-q1-update-linux.tar.bz2 and then export the folowing environment variabled from my ~/.zephyrrc.

export ZEPHYR_GCC_VARIANT=gccarmemb
export GCCARMEMB_TOOLCHAIN_PATH="~/bin/gcc-arm-none-eabi"

Upadate installation guide?

Obviously, I’m missing some step, but I don’t see this or any such info mentioned in the Carbon doc page. I have a lot of experience setting up toolchains but this did throw me off guard for some time. For someone who is new to the carbon ecosystem, I would want to make absolutely sure that the sample programs build effortlessly.


I think carbon support is fully upstreamed so the documented steps to switch to the linaro/carbon branch end up completely wrong (the linaro/carbon branch is old and I suspect it doesn’t support SDK 0.9 because the toolsets are reorganised compared to SDK 0.8.2).

I think you can ignore these lines:

$ git remote add linaro https://github.com/linaro/zephyr
$ git remote update
$ git checkout -t linaro/carbon
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There were a couple of other changes needed to get this up to date.

I’ve updated the docs and sent @sdrobertw a pull request so the main docs should be fixed shortly. In the mean time you can preview my changes here: https://github.com/96boards/documentation/blob/daniel-thompson-patch-2/IoTEdition/Carbon/Building/LinuxBuild/BuildShell.md

Thanks Daniel, that was very helpful.