Xorg configure

Hi,96board teams.

I would like to use “sudo Xorg -configure” on the DB410c Debian8.6.

I found under the X server config in the Debian8.6 Release Notes.
Using X11 with modesetting video driver and GLAMOR
Section “OutputClass”
Identifier “Video driver for Qualcomm processors”
MatchDriver “msm”
Driver “modesetting”

Could I use “sudo Xorg -configure” and reconfig of xorg.conf.new?
Section “Device”
Section “Screen”


“Xorg -configure” is growing increasingly fragile on modern X11 systems. There are lots of reports across the 'net of this failing to work on a wide variety of platforms and even calls to remove the feature entirely.

You should certainly be able to add config fragments to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d to configure the X server as you wish (and relay on automatic configuration for everything else).

However I don’t think you can generate a template using -configure.