Xilinx SDx is very slow

I installed SDx 2018.2 along with Vivado and Vivado HLS (same version) on my Windows 10 workstation with an Intel I7-6700K at 4GHz and 64GB of 2133 Mhz memory. I have Java 8 Update 171.

The performance is very slow. When the IDE starts it immediately shows “not responding” in the window and then around a minute later it is available. When I open a menu choice (it doesnt seem to matter which one) it also shows “not responding” for about a minute. The same happens when I exit that menu choice.

I have used Windows Task manager to be sure no other applications are running.

I have tried disabling my anti-virus and disabling my network adapter with no improvement.

I recall that SDx is “based on Eclipse”. Eclipse has a method for adjusting the Java runtimes memory use but those menus are not present in SDx. Is there a way to configure SDx to use more memory since I have plenty?

Any suggestions to improve performance are welcome.


For such issue, not directly related to the Ultra96 board I would suggest to ask on Xilinx support forum as well: https://forums.xilinx.com/t5/Design-Tools/ct-p/DESIGN