X20 lsusb shows nothing?


Hi everyone,
I have one Mediatek X20.
When I try to connect a OTG device, and type lsusb to find its vendor id and product id.
But shows nothing.

Should I turn on some option in kernel?

Thanks for your help.


I found that lsusb will find “/sys/bus/usb/devices/” and enumerate usb devices.

But in my X20 board, The path “/sys/bus/usb/devices/” is empty.
I found that I should turn on option CONFIG_USB_DEVICEFS, but it is obsolete.

Can anyone give some advice? thanks.


I’m not very clear what you are trying to connect to what. Which USB sockets are you using on the X20 and what are you connecting to it?


@danielt Thanks for your reply.

I want to connect a usb storage via OTG.
In other board(Hikey), I can list its info by lsusb.
But in X20, it doesn’t work.


I don’t think there is an OTG port on X20. The schematic suggests some hacking may be possible but the documentation is pretty clear, the micro-B socket is device mode only:


Thanks @danielt.

I understand the micro-B is currently set device mode (by turn off switch SW3205).

But event I connect my usb mouse to usb port, I still cannot use it.


Thanks @danielt
I think I understand…

When I set X20 as device mode, it cannot use USB port.
I read the doc you mentioned, it describe when X20 is device mode, the USB data line route to micro-B port.
I think that is the reason why I cannot use USB mouse or storage via OTG.

Thanks for your help!!