Windows 10 (IoT) Install as FastBoot

Is there a way to install Windows 10 (IoT) in the same nature as installing Linux? I’d prefer to have to running off the microSD rather than flashing the FFU file onto the device.



I guess you might just have to use the “IoTCoreImageHelper.exe” that Comes with the installer for the FFU file as for the Raspberry Pi2 or the Minnowboard Turbot.

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I’m sorry, I mean the Minnowboard Max but the Turbot… so much confusion in my head this morning :wink:

Ahhh! I thought there was an option to load a live Linux image off the microSD with the Android OS remaining on flash but I was mistaken! Since you have to flash regardless of which method you use (fastboot or not), disregard my topic.

Hopefully there will be the ability to multi-boot Operating Systems (including Win 10 IoT Core) live off the microSD someday. :stuck_out_tongue: