Windows 10 IoT ERROR

I am trying to deploy my VS 2019 c# program and I am getting… I hate to say it but it runs on my Raspberry Pi, just trying to upgrade my hardware.

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Suppression State
Error DEP3321: To deploy this application, your deployment target should be running Windows Universal Runtime version 10.0.16299.0 or higher. You currently are running version 10.0.15063.0. Please update your OS, or change your deployment target to a device with the appropriate version. WiegandReader

Any ideas how to fix this. I can move back in time/ versions and probably deploy but I lose many good features important features, like threading,. how do I fix this by upgrading the Universal runtime on my dragon Board 410c? Other methods?

Hi John

I’m afraid I can’t really help much with this question, but I can warn you that there are only a handful of Win10 IoT users hanging out on this forum. The very small community around Win10 means that whilst some questions do occasionally get answered you might be better offer asking this question where there is a larger user population, such as on the Microsoft forums.

Very helpful. thanks