Windows 10 IoT Core EFI?

Windows 10 IoT Core on Dragonboard 410c (and Raspberry Pi 3) appears to boot using EFI. There is a possibility that this EFI could be used to boot other operating systems (eg. FreeBSD

Can anyone point me to further information on this EFI implementation?

I’ve asked a similar question on the FreeBSD-ARM mailing list: Booting FreeBSD from Windows 10 IoT Core EFI?

I’m afraid I don’t really have any clue about the capabilities of the Win10 IoT EFI implementation are.

Out of interest, were you aware that recent versions of u-boot can handle EFI payloads[1]? Right now I would have thought that was the most readily available (certainly the most easily debugged) EFI implementation for DB410C.


Yes, I am aware the recent versions of u-boot can handle EFI payloads.

I have also found information about u-boot on DB410c[1]. Haven’t tried it on my DB410c yet (nor on my Raspberry Pi 3).


Great that you’ve found that blog post. I think both bits of code (EFI loader and DB410C support) have been upstreamed and can be found in the u-boot master branch.

Best of luck!

GitHub - ms-iot/RPi-UEF