Wifi problem in DB410c


I upgraded my DB410c to Debian os. After upgrade wifi is pretty much slow and also often it is get disconnecting.Is there any problem with board or any software issue.


Seems to me that communication via wifi is not stable.
With my DB410c/Debian, wifi is not stable and stops forever with a message of “Destination Host unreachable”.
I tested to ping from PC -> AP -> DB410c. However this can be solved and resumed operation by ping in reverse from DB410c to PC at a same time.
Does anyone know if this a known issue for Debian and/or Ubuntu Linux?


Hi @santhosh and @z-utsunomiyaarrowue,

We are in the middle of fixing the symptom.

You may try the temporary workaround described at the bellow link until it is fixed.

This is the link in bug tracking system.