WiFi does not work in Linux

I burned the latest Linux SD card Image (Checked Checksum etc) onto an SD and booted up. It now boots linux but when I try to use Wireless it cannot connect. The WiFi Security password is set and it seems that the SW passes this stage because if I type in a wrong password it notifies me.

Do not know how to continue, did anyone had a similar experience?

I have the same problem. I described it here:

As mentioned in the above URL, switching to static IP helped although other strangeness with the wifi still remains.

Same problems here. Using the Windows 10 IoT image, I can set and see Wifi is working. Still have no luck getting Android on the device so I can’t say if it works there.

Indeed a static IP did solve the problem for me for now. Thanks for the tip. By the way WiFi did work for me using Android.

Hi halo

Are you using an AT&T Uverse router by chance? My friend and I have the same problem and both are using AT&T Uverse router. I recently disabled the DHCP server on the Uverse router and started using the one the wifi access point instead. DHCP works likes a charm this way.

Hi tdc,

I do use an AT&T router.

I will try to move DHCP to the router later today and report back on the results.

Hi tdc

Got totally side tracked could not work on it for a few weeks, my apologies.

Got it to work also, thanks very much.