Wifi Direct in Android 10


I am new to AOSP as well as Hikey960 platform. I have compiled and booted Hikey960 with ASOP Android 10.0.0_r29.

Now I’m trying to connect Hikey960 with my phone using Wifi-Direct. But when Wifi is turned on and from Wifi Scanning activity -> Preferences -> Wifi Direct, H960 failes to find nearby devices, as well as Renaming the devices fails as well.

From logcat, I can see:
WifiP2pNative: Setup P2P Interface
WifiP2pNative: Vendor Hal is not supported, ignoring createP2pIface

selinux is permissive, enforcing=0
For wpa_supplicant, ctrl_interface=/data/misc/wifi/sockets

Thanks in advance,

I wonder if anybody has ever tested or paid any attention to wifi direct? I’ve never, personally, EVER used wifi direct for anything at all.

Is there a reason you don’t just set one up as an AP?