Wifi buggy on Linaro and andriod won't boot

I received my 410c IoT kit and first tried the older Linaro and WiFi kept crashing and was VERY slow using Chromium browser. So I updated to latest build by downloading and burning to SD card and installed per instruction. I upgraded fin but same browser slowness and crashing (hanging).

So I figured I would try the Android and I created image using SD Card and instructions on this site.I tried to boot but it never displayed on the monitor connected via HDMI. It sort of was just a blank screen with occasional flashes.

On latest Linaro I can successfully run beta speed test by Ookla aout 1 in 10 tries the other 9 times it hangs or times out. Wen I connect I gt about 32mbs down and 7mbs upload speeds.

Is this typical behavior for this board (especially not being able to get Android image working)? I bought it to do a Coursera IoT specialization course where I have to use both Android image and Linaro Image and I don’t think I can use it due to its current flaws.

I ordered from Amazon but I will return it and I have ordered one directly from Arrow to see if I have better luck with a new one from Arrow. The one I got from Amazon had the board in the static bag but it was opened (seal at top of bag had been cut) so I’m not sure but they might have sent me a board that had previously been returned.

If what I explained above is expected behavior please let me know so I can cancel the order from Arrow and take this course after everything is more stable with board ans OS’s.


Hello I won’t speak for Linaro Debian but for Android.
I read, followings some threads, that some user found problems using the latest version version 118.
I am using the previous version 99 and have no real problems. Why don’t you try it?
Here is the link: https://builds.96boards.org/releases/dragonboard410c/qualcomm/android/16.03/

Hope this will help.

Thanks for the tip at least it displayed but still crashes every 5 to 10 minutes and WiFi performance abysmal. I ordered a board directly from Arrow and will return the one to Amazon - hopefully that will give me a stable platform for the course I am taking.