Why Not All SD Cards are Created Equal

If you are using SD cards in your end products, then I think this Element14 blog post is relevant. It discusses some of the differences between retail and industrial cards.


The Ultra96 will be shipping with a 16GB Delkin MLC Utility card. I will be testing out 64GB and 128GB versions as well. Newark has stock on many sizes if you want to experiment.

Utility microSD


Thanks for the post, please let us know ho everything works out!

We can feature you on 96Boards.org as a blog. Keep me posted.

The Ultra96 images are now live here: https://www.96boards.org/documentation/consumer/ultra96/downloads/linux.md.html

and can also be found here: Linaro Releases


Robert Wolff.

I got a 128GB Utility MLC card from Delkin and can verify that it successfully booted my Ultra96. I have a 1GB FAT32 primary boot partition, 7GB EXT4 secondary boot partition, and 120GB EXT4 third partition. It booted up fine, and I was able to fill the remaining 120GB with test files.

Here is the card that I tested:

I also have a 64GB MLC Utility card that I will test next.