White screen when booted through android 5.1 in dragonboard 410c


hay hi,
I had tried Linaro image on dragon board 410c and had sucessfully
booted and got the linaro desktop on 5 inch HDMI screen by HDMI
But when I tried to format 5.1 android image on dragon board
410C, through SD card as well as through OTG, linux command by Ubuntu
system, I am getting full blank white screen on the same 5 inch HDMI
screen. Can you please short out what might be the problem, whether
the android image doesn’t send the data through HDMI, or any other
problem. and the ways to short out it.


Hi santosh,

Was your dragon board 410c showing the screen successfully on your HDMI display but
after installing Debian image on your dragon board 410c, it shows only white screen?

Do you mind teaching which Debain image and downloaded from which location?
Because there are a few places documented to install Debian.

Also are you able to see the serial console when booting Debian?
The information of using the serial console is documented here.

If you could see the console screen from serial console, then we could identify that your Debian is booting.