Which system is preloaded on hikey 970?

from dokumentation.:
The HiKey970 board is ready to use “out of the box” with a preinstalled version of the Debian Linux distribution.

Once you plug the power supply into a power outlet the board will start the booting process, and you should see Android boot up. Please note that the first boot takes several minutes due to Androids initialization. Subsequent boot times should be faster.

it is ruled out !!! Are you stupid???

im interesting only in linux !!! but iam scare that i receive android board

debian image is work in progress
so wait
or you can do compile and prepare image by yourself

do you still work on debian for hikey 970??? maybe not maybe for nothing… I don’t like boards with no software - especially linux - support for single boards devices. this device is no worth any money with android.

You can try my Ubuntu image, although the NPU driver (SDK) is still missing.

Does it support GLES for X11?

“Are you stupid???”
“typical Chinese no linux […] no worth any money with android”
“Good lack to make electronic rubbish with kirin 970”

Take a deep breath and a step back, and maybe consider a Dragonboard 820C instead of hikey9x0. The Dragonboard doesn’t have Android at all.

In fact, the lack of Android on the Dragonboard makes it “no worth any money” – to ME. Keep that in mind. While you may have specific needs that don’t involve Android, your needs are only YOURS. So please tone down the hostility. To ME, the fact that the HiKey boards have first class support in AOSP (Android) makes them well worth the extra $40-$100 that they cost over the Dragonboard.

And FYI: Android IS Linux. It just isn’t GNU/Linux.

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There are Lebuntu and Lebian Oses on lemaker www page. But there is no instruction how to flash linux on Hikey 970. When can we expect these information on 96boards pages.

Since these aren’t images from linaro/96boards we don’t provide instructions unless LeMaker sends a pull request to our repository. However there is a flashing guide inside the archive that you download and that will guide you.