Which MIPI CSI camera supported on X20?


We are planning to buy some MIPI Cameras specifically OV5640. But I am very much skeptical if it will work straightaway. When checked kernel source V3.18 for Helio x20, I can see drivers for OV5642 but not for OV5640.
What is difference between OV5640 and OV5642?
Do I need to make any changes in kernel source for it to work with OV5640?
Or which MIPI cameras you suggest which are readily available and tested on this platform?
Hoping to get immediate support or confirmation, as there is lot of delay in component lead time.


Hi Shailesh
I am so sorry to tell you that I don’t the difference between OV5640 and OV5642. I also don’t know what change you should make. I suggest you qurery the productor of the camera.