Which kernel branch is used by the current RPB 4.14 kernel?

Which kernel branch is used by the current RPB 4.14 kernel ?

You can have this information from the kernel bb file.
e.g. for Yocto ROCKO: https://github.com/ndechesne/meta-qcom/tree/rocko/recipes-kernel/linux
SRCBRANCH ?= "release/qcomlt-4.14"
SRCREV ?= “5511441d1b485ec5fd126c2b39b59fb580e03815”

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Bitbake was always a tool from hell, even in the times of ‘monotone’, when i have really used it last time :slight_smile:
Before i dig too deep into .bb, which machine is hikey960 here ?

COMPATIBLE_MACHINE = "(ifc6410|sd-600eval|dragonboard-410c)"

I think Loic overlooked the category I pushed this question into!

The recipe for the hikey960 is:

Even better… the sha1sum matches the one in the filename I saw on snapshots.linaro.org so we know it is the right one!

oops ! my bad I though the topic was about Dragonboard -410c.
In the same way you can find the board/machine configuration here (for Yocto rocko):

which selects the hikey-960 kernel:

PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel ?= “linux-hikey960”

So the Linux recipe will be this one:

kernel src URI is defined as:

SRC_URI = “git://github.com/96boards-hikey/linux.git;protocol=https;name=kernel;nobranch=1”

nobranch indicates option indicates that the recipe refers to commit (hash) which is valid in tag instead of branch. here:

SRCREV_kernel = “2932b25c8003e773a0b32b52814a5fd17b287567”

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To make my life easier i used ‘bitbake linux-hikey960’,
modified the defconfig by 'bitbake -c menuconfig linux-hikey960
to remove useless options (like raspberry, exynos, qualcomm, etc drivers),
added more modules,
rebuilt the kernel, dtb and modules (bitbake -c deploy linux-hikey960),
and put them on my Debian 9 system.
Finally i have a working “faster raspberry pi” system,
with working USB ethernet, GPS and UVC camera !

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Do you have HDMI working ?