Where can I find the android images?



where can I get the Android files to flash the device with? None of the links at https://github.com/96boards/documentation/blob/master/consumer/rock960/downloads/aosp.md work.

Please advise/help



Apologies for the dead links. In fact, these images are not yet being hosted. This section of the downloads repository will be forwarded to AOSP website here: https://source.android.com/setup/

AFAIK, you will need to build images yourself and then following Rock960 flashing instructions. @hipboi might have more insight on this.

I hope this helps. Stay tuned for update to docs page.


You can download the original AOSP images if you ask the really helpful and nice support of Vamrs.



where can I get the Android files to flash the device with? None of the links at https://github.com/96boards/documentation/blob/master/consumer/rock960/downloads/aosp.md work.

Please advise/help

I’m afraid I don’t know if binary images are available from anywhere.

However there are definitely instructions for building it yourself:


The android image download link is:


Android upgrade document is here:

We will update the document of the AOSP page soon.


@hipboi Thank you! I actually emailed vamrs and got the same links just a couple of minutes before you posted :slight_smile:


The URL to compile AOSP for Rock960 was changed to :


I’ve seen a point version bump of Nougat at github, anybody has got a hold of that new Android image?

EDIT: I checked again the VAMRS site and they published the image today. Thanks!


I flashed the update that was released yesterday and Playstore is now built-in, nice.


We just uploaded. How do you know it so quickly? How is the testing of the Google Play integration? Does youtube work? Somehow, we can not find Youtube in Google Play so we put one youtube apk inside.


I’ve yet to install other apps, I’ve only installed Plex and it runs fine.
Regarding the YouTube app, it works but I prefer using the browser for YouTube viewing.


Will the newer Android images be available in a plain format that can be flashed to SD using dd? I am not so fond of disassembling the case for the onboard hardware buttons.



Currently we have two format of android image, rkupdate and gpt format. The rkupdate is Rockchip format and gpt is the dd format.


Please download the gpt image from:

rock960 model a/b:



rock960 model c:



Thanks for providing the images. A bit of feedback here, as I managed to set aside some tinkering time :grin:

  • Favorites management in the default launcher seems incomplete. Oddly, you can “uninstall” the “Add Item” entry but not actually remove favorites.
  • CEC does not work (the setting is disabled again after leaving and re-entering the submenu). Hence the TV remote is not usable.
  • For audio (with an external HDMI connected soundbar) I need to set “HDMI Bitstream” as the audio device manually. None of the options is selected by default.
  • A couple of apps appear to lack the default menu (the three dots in the upper right), limiting the functionality in some cases. I noticed this in several of Android’s settings (e.g. wifi) and in the “YoWindow Weather” app (where I cannot change the weather provider or switch off the background audio as a result, only screensaver settings are there).
  • A lot of apps in the Play Store are incompatible with the Rock960. Also, after some installing and uninstalling of apps Play Store starts crashing for me and I need to erase its app data to fix this.
  • To get a German layout with a hardware keyboard, and also get rid of the onscreen keyboard, I need to install the “External Keyboard Helper” app and set it up accordingly. Changing the layout using Android’s language settings displays the set language but has no actual effect on the hardware keyboard.
  • On playing around with alternative launchers I noticed that the device does not allow for setting a wallpaper.
  • It would be nice to have some form of optional notification OSD preinstalled, considering that the status bar is disabled.

Staying with LibreELEC for now.