Where are the Linux graphics drivers?


I will like to know where I can obtain graphics drivers that allow running Wayland (Weston) and have proper OpenGL-ES and EGL support on Linux.

Where are the drivers?

The graphic driver is only available on Android so far.

Is there any plans to make the drivers available for GNU/Linux? Any ETA for this?

Otherwise I think this board is selling with misleading/false advertising
Quoting from: Poplar - 96Boards (emphasis mine)

Poplar is the first development board compliant with the 96Boards Enterprise Edition TV Platform specification. Developed by HiSilicon, the board features the Hi3798C V200 with an integrated quad-core 64-bit ARM Cortex A53 processor and high performance Mali T720 GPU, making it capable of running any commercial set-top solution based on Linux or Android. Its high performance specification also supports a premium user experience with up to H.265 HEVC decoding of 4K video at 60 frames per second.

Linux support is clearly advertised for the “high performance Mali T720 GPU” capable of decoding 4k video at 60 FPS. But this is a lie, right?

There is a plan for Linux Mali user space driver, but no ETA. It depends on driver vendor.

As it happens there was already a issue on the github tracker requesting a different change to the summary page that you linked to. I added a link to this topic to the issue and have sent in a pull request: