What's the best way to develop of Dragonboard using remote PC?

What’s the best way to develop of Dragonboard using remote PC?

I am talking about using proper and sophisticated IDEs like Visual Studio, Eclipse, Netbeans and Jetbrains on some desktop PC. The IDE will connect to the dragonboard using SSH, and will build, execute and debug the code. What’s the best practice here?

I tried Visual Studio 2015 (they have some new remote debugging plugin), but it doesn’t work as it doesn’t recognize the aarch64 architecture yet. Are there any similar solutions on different IDEs?

Cross-compiling with IDEs tends to be rather knowledge intensive simply because compared to native IDEs you will need to know much more about how to cross-compile without the IDE in order to troubleshoot (especially header and library dependencies).

However that said, there is a guide to give you some clues on getting started:

Thanks. I followed this post: Eclipse remote development and debugging - 96Boards

To solve the dependencies (.so, .a and include files) took me 15 hours of work, but it worked, and I think that’s the best way to run a proper debugger inside an IDE.

There are also some bugs in the Eclipse (the project file tends to get corrupted), so I had to manually fix the eclipse project files, but once it is stabilized it’s great.

I understand what you’re saying. I have used eclipse a couple of times over the years (especially when working on large C++ source bases). If you are going to be spending a long time on one source base it can be worth the cost of setting it up. Unfortunately setting it up well is hard (and setting it up so the source navigation and refactoring tools work is harder still).

Glad you have it working!

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Thanks for the assistance Daniel, you’re amazing!