What is the opengl renderer set in Debian?

In the thundercomm binary, the opengl render is set to lvmpipe by default.
So, in the 3d-related movement, it is performed with a low performance.
Is the physical gpu (adreno) set as a renderer in linaro debian?
Additionally, if you know how to set it as physical gpu (adreno), please share it.

Yes, the Linaro (Debian and Yocto) releases are using GPU for hardware rendering. The releases are using the open source Mesa/freedreno GPU driver.

Is there a way to configure ubuntu to use qualcomm’s adreno gpu driver instead of Mesa’s LLVMpipe Software OpenGL Driver?

The Linaro releases are not using the LLVMpipe software driver, but freedreno which is a reverse engineer driver for the Adreno GPU. It is not the Qualcomm Adreno proprietary driver, which cannot be used outside of the customer Linux or Android releases from Qualcomm, but the freedreno open source driver should still give an excellent performance.

Thank you for answer.
The RB5 binary provided by Thundercom did not perform well in games and videos because the opengl renderer was set to LLVMpipe.
Currently, the firmware for the dsi to hdmi bridge is not included in the binary.
When are the binaries with the firmware planned to be released?

For specific questions about the Thundercomm software packages, please use their forum, I don’t think anyone here has experience with that.