What branch of aosp should I download for hikey960



I want to install lollipop or other android image on hikey
But What I found is only android 7 and 8…
Where can i get lollipop aosp for hikey ?
or which branch should I download ?


Hikey-960 is pretty recent and only supported by master branch. So you will not find Lollipop image/branch.


lollipop? Does that mean Android 5?
Why would you want to run such an ancient version?


I just want to test some applications on android 5 with hikey board.



However I’m afraid there’s no real prospect of getting Android 5 on this board (you can try to back port backport if you like… but it will likely be quite tricky to go that far back since you’ll probably end up needing hwcomposer features that don’t exist).