What are steps required to interface slb9670 with 16 bit controller



in my task , i want to securely store key using tpm , i interfaced slb 9670 with 16 bit controller . what are steps required to store key in tpm using controller.


Try this blog post (secure96 is based on an SLB9670):


sir in that topic it is given for linux based, but how to connect with 16 bit controller ,which does not support linux


16-bit controller? What 96Boards product has one of those?


sir iam using 16 bit Msp430fr5969 controller , i have been here regarding doubt of slb 9670 , so i seen a post regarding slb9670 over here . can you help me regarding , how to store keys in tpm chip using our controller


I’m not aware of any microcontroller OS that provides support for SLB9670, this part would usually be interfaced to a much more powerful SoC.

However I also think you are asking in the wrong place anyway. I don’t believe any 96Boards product is based around an MSP430 CPU.


can you give me steps , how to store a key in slb9670 chip (Tpm 2.0 version)