WELCOME, newbies please read

These are some tips to get started on your 96Boards.

  • The objective of this forum is the space for the community to help each other.

  • When you have question, search the bellow for known information.

    96Boards wiki documentation:

    96Boards forum: there are search box at the right bottom of the screen.

  • Search the forums for similar topics

  • Make the question more specific. Providing a useful amount of detail is always good thing.
    For example, add in information of:
    where you have downloaded the boot image,
    the error message,
    exact procedure to reproduce your situation.

  • Don’t post the same question on multiple forums

  • Don’t post a new topic or question on someone else’s thread,
    start a new thread so your question would be found easily by others.


This topic seems overlaps a lot with http://www.96boards.org/forums/topic/general-faq/ (How to use the forum).

Is it time to kill or (or at least unsticky it)?