Webcam problem on Linaro

Having problems with the webcam video feed. I’m a developer using OpenCV to computer vision tasks and I was unable to get video feeding from the webcam using a resolution above 320 x 240. I tried with VLC and GUView thinking it was something wrong with OpenCV video capture but the results are the same. I tried with different web cam and the same result. I’ll appreciate any help.

Please try using the supported v4l2 API or Gstreamer. Is that an option for you?

I’m using v4l2 driver and Gstreamer to stream the video but even with Gstreamer I couldn’t get a video feed above 320 x 240. Also OpenCV uses v4l2 driver to capture the video feed. As I said before I really need this to computer vision tasks.
Thanks for the help.

can you paste the output of dmesg after inserting the camera please?

also, I suppose you have already gone through this thread?

Actually there was recent fix that improved the usb performance by factor of ten

[please read this post:]

  • fix USB performance issue
  • fix a potential VIDC build issue (reported on the forum, and from QCOM internally)
  • remove some WLAN erroneous warning from the console
  • enable SPI master on the low speed expansion
  • merge 4.2.4 stable branch

I wonder if you have this fix in your baseline.

You could pick it up from either of these snapshots:

  1. ubuntu:

  2. debian:

That will give you a steady 720p@15fps using MJPEG output (and VGA@30)

Hello ldts-jro
I already have read this issues-with-usb-webcam-support. I’ll try the last build that fixes the USB drives and see how it performs I let you know.
Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.