Voltage regulator fail


Hi there,

I have a problem with my DB 410c and I was hoping someone could help.

I flashed the latest Debian Image using an SD card and everything went smothly, however, when I clicked on “Continue” so the board could reboot, it freezed.

I rebooted the board but nothing happened (no leds, no HDMI output, nothing), however I noticed that the consumption went to 3A (I was powering it with a bench power supply) and regulator u13 got extremely hot (in fact, I burnt my finger when I touched it).

I guess somehow the regulators blow off somehow… :confounded:

So, is there anywhere where I could get the DB410c schematics (at least the power supply part) so I could try to replace the regulators myself and try to repair the board?

Hopefully the rest of the board has not been damaged and I could bring it back to life…



I found the schematics + BOM on the HW documentation page


Very best of luck with the fix!


Thanks @danielt!!

I’ve already ordered the regulators so fingers crossed.

I measured the voltage at their outputs and they were 0V whilst their temperature was extremely hot. Looks as if there were a short-circuit (but nothing in plain sight). That happened out of the blue by just installing Debian from an SD card and rebooting…

Hopefully it’ll be only a regulators failure which didn’t propagate :stuck_out_tongue: