Virtualization support on DB410c & DB820c

Hello All,

I am of the understanding the ARM core in 410c & 820c have virtualization extensions.
Please correct me if I am wrong here.

It would be great if someone here could help me find answers to the below questions …

  1. Do 410c & 820c implement GIC >= v2 ?
  2. Is there a SBL for these boards yet, with the Hyp mode unlocked ?
  3. Other than SBL, are there other binaries in the boot chain, that need to be unlocked for Hyp mode ?
  4. What is the role of QHEE on these boards ?

Thanks in advance,

820c does have a GICv3 but the bootloaders do not unlock hyp mode meaning it is not possible to run hardware virtualizers on these boards.

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for clarifying on the GIC for 820c.
Any info on the other questions would be very helpful.


Sorry, there was a typo in my the second half of my comment so perhaps it was unclear.

The proprietary bootloaders probhibit virtualization on these platforms.

Then I see two possible ways to perform virtualization …

  1. Get hold of source code for the bootloader and customize them
  2. Make these boards run ARM Trusted Firmware

I think 1 would require working with Qualcomm.

Any inputs on 2 would be very helpful, if ARM Trusted Firmware can be made to run on DB410c or Q820, like how it runs on HiKey960.

Thanks in advance !

I’m skeptical I’m afraid. When you think about it trying to run TF-A on the board is, in effect, just restating #1 from your list but doing even more customization.