I have some problem using the hardware encoder.
First of all I integrate the gstreamer gl color converter from 1.6 branch to use gpu to generate a NV12 buffer.
I get a jerky render ending with stripes (seems that buffer width and iage width missmatch)
Recompiling and debugging v4l2enc let see some weird things :

(Using videotestsource as 320x240)

in gstv4l2encbufferpool, method gst_v4l2enc_buffer_pool_set_config
I begin with a s_fmt bytesperline = 320 (why the 3/2 coeff isn’t applied here ?) and image size of 115200

after VIDIOC_S_FMT the format is corrected to a 384 bytesize and imagesize 159744

2nd think, as the s_fmt is set with correct value, I don’t know how with can success in alignement test ?
I force to align but it doesn’t change anything.

alignement is set in the pool, but i never seen where it is taken into account.
How can I correct it ?
Who is in charge of aligning the data buffer ? source or encoder ?

Hope somebody in charge of this will answer …