V4L2 radio tuner si4702

Hello all,

I am working with a receiver radio module si4702 and I meet a weird message in dmesg with Linux Kernel 4.19 V4L2 driver.
So I activate the driver I2C_SI470X because the module is wired in I2C in my embedded card.
After the system boot, the driver success to probe the componant and the node “/dev/radio0” is created.

The problem is, I’ve got the following message from the video4linux driver:

[ 117.283199] video4linux radio0: tune does not complete
[ 117.288378] video4linux radio0: tune timed out after 3000 ms

and because of this, when I use a user-space util to control the tuner like fmtool, the previous message appears and it fails to tune to the frequency I want.

Whithout the driver, I can use I2c commands to tune what I want, but as the kernel 4.19 propose a driver for my tuner si4702, I would like to use it.

Does someone already encountered the same issue or has any idea about what’s going wrong?
Maybe it’s just an other driver to load in the kernel, but I don’t know what.

Thanks for all and best reguards.

Problem is solved.

It seems the driver si4702-common.c does a weird thing in the function si470x_fops_release() in kernel 4.19.The problem seems to be corrected in Linux 5.11.