Using KVM on Dragonboard 410c


I noticed the board is booting on EL1 which is not suitable for KVM(i need EL2).
Is there anyway of booting into EL2 or higher? i read that LK is the bootloader(located in the aboot partition), i thought about modifying that bootloader to change mode to EL2, but from what i understand when it runs, it is already in EL1 and it is impossible to change mode to a higher mode(EL1->EL2). I’m not a big ARM expert, but is it impossible hardware wise? or can i do it but you don’t recommend it because security issues? because i can deal with “security issues”…


Indeed, the SBL (Second Boot Loader), which is proprietary code, executes LK (Little Kernel) in EL1, so nothing we can do here. If you’re creating product based on 410E, maybe you should ask directly to Qualcomm.