Using buildroot with Poplar board?


Has somebody managed to successfully build and boot an image with buildroot for the Poplar board?
Can you share the defconfigs and image creation scripts (BR_2ROOTFS_POST_IMAGE_SCRIPT) used?


buildroot just worked for me.

I used it for early versions of the my skunkworks USB installer. Not sure if I archived the defconfig anywhere… there was absolutely nothing clever in it. I just got it to build a .cpio archive and it ran from an initramfs.

Thanks for the info… do you remember which kernel you used? Did you used the default one from buildroot or you only built the user-space with builroot and then used a pre-built kernel from a third-party?

buildroot was just for the userspace and I built the kernel separately.

The kernel was a “nearly upstream” backport of some sort. In fact the main reason I was buildroot+cpio is that it didn’t have working USB drivers… as soon as we got USB drivers I switched the installer over to use Debian.