User reports - Graphics cards

Just writing to check if any reports exists from using Radeon cards in this setup?

Watched some YouTube videos and noticed mentions about Radeon cards, but no details.
Perhaps someone in here is able to give more information about this

/David Bern

Right now, I am not aware of any success reports with Radeon cards. Note that Known issues with your Developerbox - 96Boards does particularly affect graphics cards (very few other PCIe devices exhibit such complex memory access patterns) and pretty much every user I am aware of is either using some variant of the GT-710 with this board or has not installed a graphics card (to save power).

thank you for the answer.

I was planning on buying this equipment as my daily dev-machine in an openbsd environment, so it would of been awesome with Radeon support (as that seems to work better in OpenBSD then Nvidia).

Am I understanding this correctly to be a PCIe hardware problem? If so, is this something you think could be solved in the future?

We do not believe any improved software mitigation is possible so the only option to resolve would be new hardware (which is not planned at this stage).