USB-to-RS232 adapter not working with DB410C


I need to have four virtual COM ports on a Dragonboard 410C that is running Winodws 10 IOT core. I would like to use a FTDI 1x4 USB-to_RS232 adapter to do this. When I plug the FTDI adapter into the DB410C, Windows IOT recognizes it and correctly displays that it is connected. But if I try to write to one of the ports it doesn’t work, presumably because there is no built in driver in Windows IOT that allows this. I get a System.AccessViolationDException: Attempt to read or write protected memory.

I assume I need to install a FTDI driver, but I have found conflicting information about this. I have read that FTDI drivers no longer work with Windows IOT. Is this true? If not, which FTDI driver do I need and how do I install the driver in Windows IOT? These FTDI drivers seem complicated. They have several files and appear to install themselves on operating systems only if they recognize the system.

If the FTDI drivers don’t work with Windows IOT is there some other company that makes a USB-to-RS232 adapter that does have a driver that works with Windows IOT?


Reason number 4,228,776 why not to use windows; nothing ever works with it.
Might I suggest you switch to Debian or Android? Bet you the device works right out of the box there.


I think I’d have to recommend trying the Microsoft forums for this. We
just don’t have that many folk using Win 10 IoT on this forum. More than
that I doubt USB drivers are board specific so the extra eyecalls on the
Microsoft forums will probably be your best bet here.