USB peripheral mode on yocto

I am running a yocto RPB build on my DB410c, using the ‘jethro’ manifest branch. My Dragonboard is not getting USB enumerated when I connect to a host in “USB peripheral mode”. The USB host mode works fine when I remove the OTG cable though. Mouse, keyboard which are connected to DB410c get detected in host mode.


Hi @Kiran Kumar R

This sounds like the expected behavior of the board. The Specification (Consumer Edition (CE)) clearly allows for this behavior on page 8 and further shows a block diagram on Page 23.

When you plug a cable into the micro-USB port, it disables the two Type-A ports (and the fourth port on the high speed connector).

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Thanks for your reply. I am sorry for not phrasing my question properly. I understand that the two Type-A ports get disabled when micro-USB port is connected. But the problem is that the dragonboard is not being detected by my host machine. ADB does not work currently according to the following thread:

When I run “lsusb” in my host machine, it does not show my dragonboard.