USB Headset


Has anyone gotten a USB headset to work on the board (or how do you get sound to play if your HDMI monitor doesn’t have speakers)?

My USB headset was working yesterday but this morning I couldn’t get a peep out of it.


assuming this is with the Linux release, USB headset should ‘just work’, assuming:

  1. you disconnect the micro USB cable to enable the USB Host ports
  2. after you connect the USB headset, you configure pulseaudio (the sound server) to use it. You can chose for each application if it should use HDMI or USB headset, or set it as the default ‘audio sink’ for all sounds. To do so, open “Menu / Sound & Video / PulseAudio Volume control”


Thanks for your reply.

However, we were having trouble with our USB headset using Android. Could you please help in forwarding this to the right person?:

  1. With fresh OS image (or factory reset), the USB headset works. Once db410c has been rebooted, the USB headset stops working.
  2. We have attempted this with more than one board and more than one headset.
  3. We would like to build a VoIP application for Android utilizing either the analog expansion header or the USB ports.

Any information on how to get speaker and microphone capabilities through the USB (preferred) or analog expansion header for the Android OS is much appreciated.



others folks from Linaro support are much better suited than me for Android issues… I am sure someone will chime in and help.