USB Ethernet Adapter


Is there any USB Ethernet Adapter working with Android on HiKey960 out of the box?
Or do I need to build Android myself and enable it in Kernel?

I tried which internally uses a RTL8153. But I did not get it to work.

And also, will the USB Ethernet Adapter working together with a touchscreen? I have not been able to use 2 usb devices at the same time. (Although I have only tried USB touch screen together with a USB Keyboard.)



AFAIK, It should work since Android kernel config select CONFIG_USB_RTL8152 which is compatible with RTL8153 chipset. I already used a Trendnet TU2-ET100 which is compatible with generic CDC Ethernet driver.

What happens when you plug your device to the Hikey960, any message in dmesg ?


Note: Remember that Hikey960 is able to operate in only one role at a time, host or device. You need to have the USB type C (e.g. adb debug cable) disconnected to act has a device.


This adapter is working pretty nice for me with Debian.
Its using a Realtek chipset (RTL8153(?)) and as far as I remember it has also worked with Android. As Loic said, maybe you have to compile your own kernel.