USB ethernet adapter on Hikey


I compiled a kernel from branch “android-hikey-linaro-4.1” on 96boards_linux.
I loaded the kernel with rootfs on SD card. It could boot but networking didn’t work.
I am using Sabrent USB2.0 ethernet adapter(NT-WU2R) which is based on RTL8152 chipset.

Should I use AX88772 chipset of adapter?

So looking at Downloads | Sabrent the NT-WU2R doesn’t have a linux driver so maybe it cannot be supported. AX88772 looks more promising (;71;101&PLine=71 lists a linux driver). Make sure you set ‘CONFIG_USB_USBNET=y’ and ‘CONFIG_USB_NET_AX8817X=y’ when you build your kernel.

You can also try again with ‘CONFIG_USB_USBNET=y’ and ‘CONFIG_USB_RTL8152=y’ for the NT-WU2R if you want, but note that Sabrent is not listed in the list of supported vendors in

Thanks for replying.
I set “CONFIG_USB_USBNET=y and CONFIG_USB_RTL815=y” but it didn’t work on kernel version 4.1
I used configuration file from “
I don’t know why and I will buy the AX88772 chipset one.
The most weird thing is that the networking is working on kernel version 4.4 running on the flash memory.


You’re welcome! Have you tried comparing the 4.1 and 4.4 config file to see if there might be anything significantly different wrt usb ethernet adapters?

I checked and made them same. However, the adapter didn’t work on 4.1 kernel. Really weird…